Life Challenges? Look for Inspiration!

Doesn't it sometimes seem that a challenge or a problem can send your life spiraling out of control? One day everything is fine and the next we feel blindsided by an event or situation? "This is life", as many would say; but it is how one deal's with this type of unexpected turn of events can make the difference how we cope or overcome obstacles.

Coping skills are a natural part of human development yet this is something that they don't always teach us in school...neither is it something we learn from our family environment. For much of our life learning to be a problem solver or creating strategies for success is something that takes practice only we can cultivate!

But what can we do first in the face of crisis as we are learning to implement such strategies? One of the most powerful and helpful answer I can give is: Look for inspiration!

The phenomenon of the exchange of information and ideas can be the very thing that triggers our "aha moment" that leads us to our own inspirational breakthroughs.

Learning how others have created self-motivation, success or healing can surely be a way to start our own strategy.

Where to look for inspiration?

The best news is that inspiration is a book, a walk in a garden or at the waters shore, music, a movie, the internet, a friend or mentor, in fact anything that is good or uplifting for your body, mind or spirit! I call these, our resources, I have several favorite places I visit to get calm or clear my head, and books I read to affirm my goals etc., and send me in the direction of possibilities....but at times looking may be as simple as getting still and listening inward to our higher self and intuition.

When we think of it this way, we can take a positive look for solutions and even the most difficult challenges can be our own life lesson in inspiration!

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