Today, Stand in your Personal Power!

Today, stand in your personal power... If you make your conscious choices and focus your energy and intentions you can then and only then can you take charge of your life.

When you are living by your authentic voice, ( Walking your talk) expresses who you are, radiating your positivity shows a confidence, and inspiration!

Your inner light will shine and everyone in your outer world will take notice.

The creative process for change is to first:

• Make a mind shift of focus, own your personal power • Make a decision • Make a plan • Take action

Empowerment focus tips for success:

• Have the courage to try new things • Surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams • Do something good everyday, balancing your body, mind and spirit • Focus on Gratitude for all that we have

Try this visualization and see yourself in your minds-eye creating these steps for change, this powerful technique and taking action today will manifest your new life now!

This is the original draft and below is the link of the article published on Ezine Articles / Author /Sharon Kistler

Sharon Kistler

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