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Self-Empowerment is, gaining clarity! When we come to the realization that living in the past or worrying about the future is the greatest time waster. The fact is... the past and the future don't exist, and our only opportunity to take action is in the present, with this awareness we can choose to be pro-active to making real changes in our life!

Many people spend too much time re-living thoughts, feelings and emotions tied to the past. Living with regrets or blaming others. Worrying is fear of the future, and only keeps them stuck and unable to move forward in life, for the fear of failure, fear of not being good enough or full of self-doubt.

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Your unlimited potentials are in the empowered thought that the present time offers you, your opportunities and choices are only in the Now... you are a creative being and have power to access your own creative energies!

For many people, we tend to lose focus of self by giving our power away, distracted by the needs of others or thinking we need to seek approval of others. When we spend most of our time and energies with a focus on the expectations of other people and the outer world, we find ourselves disconnecting from our own needs and our inner world.

To Self Empower means to use your personal power in the current moment and make the choices that will gain the best outcome that you desire!! This takes practice to stay focused, but when you do you will find yourself creating your attitudes, making better choices, and have a better chance to Create the Life You Want!


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